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Day of Dignity Volunteers

Welcome to Amana Foundation!  We are a non-profit organization inspired by Islamic Principles, based in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Our focus is to serve communities in need throughout the region. 

We were established in March 2000 as a youth led organization.  Though we are no longer youth led, empowering our younger generation to get involved in service is a core principle that Amana Foundation strives to accomplish through all of our work and projects. 

Want to get involved? 

Drop us a line on our CONTACT US page!

Zakah Fund

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Zakah Fund


Community Bulletin

Amana Foundation Zakat Fund provides assistance for those who demonstrate a need. 

If you, or someone you know has a need, click through to our Zakat Fund page.


Amana Foundation invites individuals or organizations who are eager to start or continue service projects to apply.

We support individuals or organizations looking for funds or volunteers for their projects.


Welcome to our Community Bulletin! Included you will find local events, job postings, "help needed" requests and all other news related to our local Muslim community. 


To submit an item for posting, please send an email to 


Thank you for your support of the 2020 T&E Cares Holiday Food Drive. It was a pleasure working again with Lubna Doshani to coordinate your donation. This year held many challenges, and your generosity greatly helped 11 families be able to enjoy the holidays. It's heartwarming to live in a community where people are willing to reach out and help their neighbors.

Your continued support of our program is essential to its success.
Thanks again!

-Sondra Zalewski, T&E Cares



Check out Amana Foundation's own projects, like Day of Dignity.

Learn more!


Check out Amana Foundation's collaboration projects, like T&E Cares.

Learn more!

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