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To run for any position in the Executive Committee you must be from 7th grade to 12th grade.


To run for any position in the Junior Executive Committee you must be from 4th grade to 6th grade.

Executive Committee (Ages 12-17)


President: Manages and executes monthly projects and meetings.

Vice President: Helps the President manage and execute projects and meetings.

Secretary: Records meeting minutes and communicates organizational decisions to members.

Treasurer: Manages accounting and is the leading member in fundraising for projects or events. 

Member-at-Large: Helps in executing projects.


Junior Executive Committee (Ages 8-11)


President: Shadows the EC President

Vice President: Shadows the EC Vice President

Secretary: Shadows the EC Secretary

Treasurer: Shadows the EC Treasurer

Member-at-Large: Shadows the EC Member-at-Large



To donate, checks may be made payable to Amana Foundation and mailed to 101 Mountain Laurel Ln, Malvern PA 19355 or donations can also be made via paypal at