Frequently Asked Questions


All you want to know Amana Foundation






What is Amana Foundation?

To be a youth led organization that employs the most noble Islamic charitable principles




Who can join Amana Foundation?

Anyone can join. You can get an individual membership or a family membership. Individual membership is $25 annually. Family membership is $100 per family.




How is Amana Foundation run?

Amana Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees. It has an elected Executive Committee comprised of students from 7th grade to 12th grade that runs the programs and projects of the organization. 



What is Amana Foundation's Zakah Committee?

Amana Foundation has a standing Zakah Committee comprised of community members that are appointed from the community to adminster its Zakah Fund to help the needy in the community.



How can I help?

We would love to have you help Amana Foundation. Simply email or call anyone of the Executive Committee or Board of Trustees to volunteer.