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Feeding and Clothing the homeless and food insecure residents of Philadelphia and beyond.

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Salima Hawthorne is a co-founder of Unstoppable Dawah and has been muslim for over 30 years. Salima was born and raised in Philadelphia and is an owner and operator of a day care center in the heart of north philly. Salimas door is always open to new shahadahs and before the pandemic she held new muslimah classes at her home regularly. Salima started feeding the homeless at love park several years ago. Ever since then, she has not stopped and has fed and clothed homeless and food insecure residents throughout Philadelphia.

Sameena Azeez is a co-founder of Unstoppable Dawah and resided in Philadelphia and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Sameenas community engagement includes serving as an assistant coordinator on the Zubaida foundation community feeding program and volunteering with Zakat Foundation, Delaware to bring much needed food and supplies to the residents of Philadelphia. Sameena is also a member of several interfaith groups including Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom.

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